UNBOXED – Employer branding personas that don’t stereotype [whitepaper]

Optimise your communications by defining your audiences using this more inclusive method.


Many employers set out to understand and empathise with the audiences they want to communicate with by defining personas. A practice adopted from the world of consumer advertising, these personas often have names, demographic details, pastimes, and other details which create an image – or stereotype – of the type of people they’re trying to connect with.

These fictional identities are then used to develop content and messaging strategies, channel plans and user journeys.

So, what’s the problem? And why does it matter?

While personas can be helpful, it's crucial to be aware of the potential discrimination they may create. And how they might unintentionally exclude people who could be great hires because they didn’t conform to a stereotype.

Download and read "Personas UNBOXED: Your guide to understanding people, not stereotypes " now to learn how to use a more inclusive framework for your communications.


Inside the guide:

  • The problem with tradition candidate personas in recruitment marketing
  • The ethical and legal challenges posed by personas
  • What is a mindset persona and how to map these against your employer brand
  • How to apply mindset personas to your employer brand campaigns

This third white paper from ThirtyThree has been designed with your time and efficiency in mind, so the contents are easily scannable and digestible. We hope you find this guide practical and useful in your future employer communications.

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