EE That EE Feeling Integrated campaign

EE Retail is a major part of the EE business with over £750M of revenue generated in 2018 across 620 stores.

EE That EE Feeling

EE needed a campaign that could be used to raise awareness and drive applications of retail roles, of all levels.

And they had a lot of boxes to tick. At the core of the campaign, they wanted 5 key messages:  

- EE retails offers real career progression 

- At EE, retail isn’t dead, it’s bursting with energy 

- EE is a supportive place to work 

- At EE, you get rewards and recognition 

- EE is a diverse and inclusive place to work

EE That EE Feeling

We created a versatile campaign which told audiences that at EE, retail is alive and kicking. It’s a career full of progression, support, rewards and flexibility. And it’s a feeling like no other.

Featuring real employees and their stories, we created four EE feelings that would each communicate; career progression, support, rewards or inclusivity.

Staying true to EE’s playful and purposeful brand, we created four short films, with each film showing a relatable and feel-good scenario; the feelings you experience working at EE stores.

And that's right, Kevin Bacon did our voice overs...

Indeed & TotalJobs

We needed to raise awareness and drive applications, so it was important that we put our campaign in all the right places.

Geo-location targeting on Indeed & TotalJobs meant we could serve candidates jobs available in their areas that they are more likely to apply to.


We knew our audience spent a lot of time on Facebook and Instagram, so targeting them through social was a no brainer.

Google Adwords, programmatic banners and targeted video ads made sure we could reach the audience based on their previous online behaviours, and even retarget them. And as well as effective online targeting, YouTube pre-roll ads were a great platform for us to showcase our films and truly bring each EE feeling to life.

In-app microsite UX

For each role EE was offering, we created a bespoke canvas. This created an in-app microsite experience for each of our audiences, giving them all the right information and putting it in the palm of their hands.

But it was important that our campaign remained consistent from end to end, which is why we gave the careers site an EE feeling makeover. Users could discover each EE feeling, read employee stories and find out more about retail at EE.


From posters in store windows to playful referral cards, with so much of our audience spending time travelling and shopping in retail areas, we knew print would make an impact.

The results