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UNBOXED – How to leverage your International Women’s Day comms [white paper]

Your guide to communicating gender equality on International Women’s Day and beyond.


Diversity days are opportunities for workplaces to call attention to inequalities and address the barriers faced by individuals through changes to policies, practices, and behaviours.  

But some brands have been criticised for hijacking key dates like International Women’s Day (IWD) to promote products or for adopting slogans without demonstrating meaningful commitments. 

So, what should you do on IWD?  

How can you find the right balance in your campaigns between celebrating women and their achievements – and challenging sexism, in all its forms?

Download and read ThirtyThree’s second white paper “Your guide to getting it right on International Women’s Day” which includes insights from our UNBOXED event ‘What not to do on International Women’s Day’ – a fireside chat with GSK’s UK DE&I Lead, Carol Rosati OBE.

In the guide you’ll find:

  • Why IWD matters and the challenges facing women in work  
  • How employers can leverage key diversity awareness days (like IWD) for positive brand positioning   
  • The meaningful actions that should underwrite these messages  
  • The importance of intersectionality, and how to ensure messages are inclusive  
  • The makings of an annual DE&I comms calendar and how to drive it forward  
  • The role of DE&I communications in supporting talent attraction and retention  

Our aim was to provide practical and actionable insights to help with your future DE&I communications. Meaningful campaigns take a lot of time and effort to get right, so it’s never too early to start planning. 

Also, check out the previous UNBOXED session on ‘Ethical storytelling in employer branding’ and download the white paper here.  

We can help with your DE&I communications

Need help creating your DE&I comms strategy or planning your next inclusive campaign? We can help! Get in touch diversity@thirtythree.co.uk.


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