B&Q Website Smart Careers Website

When the world ground to a halt for the first time in history, there was one trusty brand who refused to stand still.

B&Q Website

After helping B&Q launch their new employer brand, Together We Can, we needed to make sure every candidate and colleague could live the brand experience online.

So, we built them a careers site that would help users get to know B&Q, without a foot ever crossing the threshold.


This was more than a quick paint job.



We knew that in 2019-2020, 70% of B&Q’s traffic was driven by Indeed.


The remaining 25% of user engagement was from brand search.


Over 70% of B&Q’s traffic were landing on an ATS job description.

Using our own smart careers site technology, Mercury, we created a highly personalized user journey that would help candidates discover their own experience of Together We Can.

We helped every user say farewell to endless searching, irrelevant content and boring job descriptions.

And say hello to slick site design, crafted copy and tons of tailored content that would immerse them into B&Q’s culture.

The results


An average session duration of 2 mins 38 seconds on our JD pages.


Users spent over 2,000 hours engaging with the B&Q brand.


And a 50% increase in the click-to-hire ratio.